Virtual Terminal – Basic Overview

What is a Virtual Terminal? Processing credit card transactions through any computer with an Internet connection. You can key cards manually, or swipe cards via a USB card swiper. What is the benefit of a virtual terminal vs those out of date terminals? The obvious benefit would be the options. The current offline terminals you may have offer the ability to process transaction and that’s about it. Sometimes they are still connected to dial-up and you are responsible for the long distant charges. That’s correct DIAL UP. Now Our Virtual terminal allows you to use as many computers as you need so there is no need for multiple offline terminals no need for repair or device upgrade costs. If you have a computer or mobile device – you are able to process credit cards quickly.

Now let’s talk features…

Process credit card transactions through any computer with an Internet connectionProcess credit card transactions through any computer with an Internet connection. Key cards manually, or swipe cards via a USB card swiper. The Great benefit here is you can use this on as many computers or devices that has an internet connection to process payments or run reports. There is no need for outdated terminals or additional hardware costs. Just a computer and USB Card Swiper.

Manage your transactionsManage your transactions. Edit transactions to keep contact and purchase info up to date, Refund transaction with just one click, Recharge any account in your history with a single click, Void the transactions to prevent them from being captured during batching process, Hold authorizations until you are sure the sale is final, Recurring transaction can also be set up with ease so you can manage and update this info and Block Cards for future transaction.

Print and email receipts
Virtual Terminal allows you to print and email receipts for your customers. You can customize the receipt to identify your company branding.

Searching & ReportingSearching & Reporting
Search the entire transaction history or your account. You can also generate reports online instead of storing paper receipts. GO GREEN…… You can get batch totals, view analytics/Graphs and use the exporting to have offline reports or use software like QuickBooks. You can also break down totals by user or department to track multiple locations. The possibilities are endless..





Customizable Search

Customizable Search

Custom tailor your search fields for your business needs. Example Invoice, P.O., Dates, Amount, Card number and much more. This creates the ability to focus tracking more on what is need within your business model.

Contact & Account Manager


Contact & Account Manager
Manage your contacts and the accounts that they have paid you with. Generate customer purchase history with just one simple click.



Now that’s a lot of options. If this is something you need for your business or just like to have the options for future cost savings. Just click on the link below for a quote and we can give you a ~ FREE Rate Analysis ~ and access to our live online demo. We can also come to your office to walk you through the process also. Sometimes it’s just easier to do yourself. Let’s get started

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