Virtual Terminal – Searching and Reporting

Enhanced searching and reporting tools

Our Virtual Terminal gives you the ability to search transactions to locate information whenever you may need it and also provides detailed results. For example if you need to look up a transaction by credit or customer name it will return all matchings actions related to this information. We also provide advanced reporting tools to allow you or CFO to see up to date information that truly is updated in real time. Take a look at basic overview of these feature – If you have a more detailed question on how this would work in your business feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Searching – Simplified searching tools that deliver results

Search the entire transaction history of your account and get results immediately. Have you ever lost a recent or customer receipt ? Most companies at one time or another has misplaced transaction information and had to spend hours if not days trying to locate this information. Now you can access this information via our virtual terminal within seconds. All you would need to do is log into your account enter details about your customer or transaction and the results will be retrieved. You can also tailor your search fields for your business like Invoice number, dates, amount or card number.

Reporting – Analytics and Graphs

Our online reporting tools allows you to access your overall picture overtime or predefined options like day, week, month and year. You can view your batch totals online or export the details to excel document for offline records. Access charts/graphs to analyze your transactions. You will also have access to export the transactions to a pdf, excel and csv.

These tools allow you to track your progress online and multiple locations business can track by location or department giving you up to date information in real time.

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