Virtual Terminal – Recurring Billing

Automated Recurring Blling

Recurring Billing is a easy to use and convenient feature for submitting and managing your recurring, subscription based and scheduled billing transactions. Create your recurring billing schedule through the virtual terminal in matter of minutes and stop wasting your time having to manual key this transaction every month.

Features and Benefits

Your business can take advantage of recurring billing features to enhance client loyalty, while reducing transaction declines and administrative costs. You will no longer need to have a office administrator process these transactions manually saving you time and money. Simply create a recurring payment schedule in the Virtual Terminal that includes the customer’s payment information, amount of transaction and the payment schedule.

Customer Loyalty

Recurring Billing allows you to provide your customers with a flexible, no hassle billing option using a credit card or debit card. Most customers are more willing to purchase or subscribe if they are given an option to schedule a payment arrangement over a set period of time.

Reduce Administrative Costs

This powerful feature will eliminate many costs associated with manual billing, with no additional transaction fees or monthly fees.Recurring billing feature will also help you manage all your payment schedules with email notifications and reporting tools that shows current and future payments cash flows.

Improves your Billing Efficiency

Once a payment schedule has been created, no additional labor is required for the life of the payment schedule. You also have the ability to offer a trial or first month free option if you are running a special for example.

Improves Security

The recurring billing feature removes the need to store sensitive data on a computer system, reducing the risk of your customers information. There information is securely stored for you at no additional cost.

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