Virtual Terminal – Manage your transactions

Print and Email Receipts

Sometimes business need to print the receipt or the customer request this at a later date. You can print and email receipts for your customers. One added benefit is that you are also able to print transaction history or download into a pdf for the client also.

Customize the Receipt

You can customize the printed receipt or email based on your business needs. Some business like to add additional details on there receipts or limit the information that is included also. All you need to do is modify the template and you are ready to go in minutes.

Manage your transactions with a click of a button

Once you process the transaction you have several options in the virtual terminal to manage the transactions. Simply pull up the transaction and select the option or action you would like to take. For example if you want to refund the total back to your client you would just need to click on refund button. One extra benefit is that you can attach a note to the transaction also so you have reference to why the modification was made. Here are some of the choices

Edit, Refund or Recharge

Edit transactions to keep contact and purchase information up-to-date.
Refund transactions with a simple click of a button.

Recharge any account in your history with a single click.

Void, Hold or Recur

Void Transactions so that funds are not captured.
Hold authorizations until you are ready to capture the funds.
Setup recurring accounts to automatically bill customers.

Block Cards

Hold authorizations until you are ready to capture the funds.

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