Virtual Terminal – Contact Manager

Contact & Account Manager

Manage your contacts and the accounts that they have paid you with. Generate purchase history with a click of the mouse. The contact manager is a secure way of storing your customers information and credit card details online. You can add basic contact information plus Company Name, Business Title, Email, Website and customer Id. You also have the ability to add more than one payment method or address.

We will automatically create a contact for you every time you process a card for a new customers.

Storing contact and payment details

Why is this feature so important ? You never want to store credit card numbers at your office on your computers due to the liability it creates for your business. Instead add your customers and card numbers into our secure contact manager. Once you have added your current customers information to our secure contact manager you will eliminate the liability of storing the card data at your business.

Create Groups

Your contacts also can be set into groups. Some business like to create groups to manage different part of there business to streamline the process. Simply just create the group and place your customers into the correct group category. Now all you will need to do select the group and you will see all the customers that are in this group. Think of this as a way to organize your clients into separate categories.

Export your list

You also can export your contact list in excel or a csv format. Use this information for email marketing or mail campaigns as example. This can be dont at any point but the information is available to use if you need it.

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