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Merchant Solutions by sbsake business will provide you with a personalized account tailored to your business needs. We provide you with knowledgeable customer service and technical support. We are dedicated to providing you with the best customer service experience. We will price compare with your current provider to make sure we can give you the best rates possible. We offer secure processing on the go, from any computer or phone, and from your office. Your customer will not need to have an account with us to process their credit card. Get Started Today

Features : Trinity System powered by Payjunction Vs Paypal

The Trinity system is a three in one gateway system that was developed by Payjunction. Lets break this down for you – Trinity system provides data in a real time enviroment for eCommerce, API intergrations, Virtual Terminal and Mobile processing. The eCommerce or API intergration is managed through Payjunction Quicklink feature. This simply provides a link between the application and the payment gateway. The Virtual Terminal would support both swipe, Recurring and keyed transaction. The virtual terminal also comes with some advanced features like quick search, customizable form or payment fields, reporting and much more. Mobile processing is completed through an mobile app or you can call in the payment via our phone charge option. The most used feature would be throught the mobile apps. You can elect to key in or swipe these transactions. One great thing about this once the transaction is run it will show up within your virtual terminal as a transacation and contact.

They are really a lot of features that the trinity system can bring to your business.

Now lets discuss PayPal. They designed a unique business model and was designed to send funds from one user to another user. They have adapted over the years to offer additional services similar to payment gateway. The main concern I would point out here is that they are not a BANK. Why does this matter? Banks are required to follow certain process and Paypal is not required to do this so they can freeze your account or many other options. Paypal does seem to attract customers or business that are just getting off the ground or have limited resources. Paypal does make it easy to create recurring payments or pay now buttons. Some merchant providers to this day still do not offer any tools to make this easier for the business. Payjunction has tools in place to create buttons or other resources.

Pricing – The true Costs of Service

As with many services, it is important to uderstand the cost of services. At sbsake business we make the pricing transparent or simple. With a all in one system we bundle Merchant Account, Payment Gateway, 24/7 Online or Telephone Support and updates to our system. NO Software to install – Simple Secure Credit Card Processing.

With paypal there is a number of costly packages and confusing pricing. To make this simple I would suggest you take a look at what they have to offer. But in general they charge 2.9% or more. Rates are based upon volume and could decrease if volume is high enough. But you still would be looking at higher cost and fewer options.

Customer Support – This is a big one

sbsake business and Payjunction include their support directly within the trinity system. The 24/7 phone support as well as a online support ticket system. You also have access to large knowledge base. Payjunction has a in house support team that are available to help you with any questions you may have.

PayPal offers email support to its customers as as automated support line for basic inquries. If you have advance question or require some tech support you will be required to pay for this.
In conclusion

I would suggest every one to do their own homework. Take a look at what features you need and the cost that come with it. Payjunction and sbsake business in most cases will offer a far superior product and better rates. I also would advise serious business to be careful who they choose. You want to be position with a company that continually offers feature enhancements and better support.

The Trinity System

  • Lower Costs – Competitive Pricing
  • Accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express (Amex), and Discover
  • Customer Support (Online and by Phone)
  • Virtual Terminal, Payment Gateway and Merchant Account
  • Mobile Processing
  • Direct Deposit straight into your account within 2 business days


  • Not a Bank (not FDIC insured)
  • Prices based on amount charged
  • Limited phone support (must use knowledge base)
  • No Mobile Processing
  • Mobile Processing
  • You must request funds to be transferred to get paid

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