Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway Explained

The Trinity system is a payment gateway that enables your businesses to be able to process credit cards in three ways. It is the ONLINE and MOBILE equivalent of a telephone line based terminal that you may use at a retail store to swipe debit or credit cards. Payment gateways also protect credit card data by encrypting sensitive information, such as credit card numbers and transaction details, to ensure that information is passed securely between the merchant and the payment processor.

1. Virtual Terminal

Process credit card transactions through any computer with an Internet connection. You can key cards manually, or swipe cards via a USB card swiper. The major benefit of the virtual terminal is that you can use on as many computers as you need and no need to maintain multiple credit card terminals.

Manage your transactions– With a simple click of a button allows you to easily Edit, Refund, ReCharge, Void, Hold, Setup Recurring, Block a Card, Print Receipts, and Email transaction Receipts.

Searching & Reporting– Search the entire transaction history of your account. Generate reports online instead of storing paper receipts by Exporting transactions to PDF or Excel formats.. View Batch Totals, Analytics and graphs to analyze your transaction history.

Contacts – Manage your contacts and the accounts that they have paid with. Generate customer purchase history with a simple click of the mouse.

Fraud Detection– A complete Fraud detection and prevention technology. For example: AVS – Address verification systems. CVV – Card security code checking. Account blacklisting.

2. E-Commerce

Enable online payments in a matter of minutes. Free phone and email developer support.

QuickShop – Create Payment Buttons and add them to your website to enable sales or donations. Simply copy and paste the HTML into your website.

QuickLink API-Create an API connection if you want to host the checkout page and SSL certificate . For example, this option is used when you install a 3rd Party Shopping cart or if you are using proprietary software like a Point-of-Sale system.

3. Wireless

Process credit cards on the go. Use any phone, smart phone device or laptop to process credit cards.

Phone Charge– You can process credit cards through any phone. Yes … any phone. Anything from a mobile phone to an office phone. This is a Simple, quick, and cost effective way of process debit and credit cards on the go. Forget about spending thousands of dollars on expensive wireless terminals.

Laptop Processing– Process credit cards through any laptop. Forget about purchasing expensive wireless credit card terminals. Simply plug in the USB card swiper and you are ready to go. Print and email transaction receipts for your clients.

Cell Phone Processing– Since the Trinity system is Internet based, you can access your account from any cell phone with internet access. Simply login to your account from your cell phone, and proces cards. Also, 3rd party companies have created iPhone Apps that allow you to swipe a card using your iPhone.


Virtual Terminal - Swipe and Key transactions through any computer

Virtual Terminal

  • USB attachment to swipe cards
  • Key credit cards manually
  • Set up recurring billing
  • Reports Generator
  • Contact & payment manager
  • No software to install
E-Commerce - Enable online payments in a matter of minutes


  • Shopping cart payment enablement
  • Availability to sell online in minutes
  • Accept invoice payments online
  • Generate reports
  • Customize the look
  • Fraud Prevention
Wireless & Mobile - Process on the Go


  • Use your phone to process payments
  • Backup option for Internet outage
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Swipe transactions via laptops or iPhones
  • Generate reports
  • Flexible security