Book{m}Online – Online booking resource for Photographers

Its time to BOOK all your photography sessions online and get paid for your session fees at booking.

There is so much that book{m} online services can do for photographers. Send email confirmations, texts, and updates to your Google calendar. The book{m} system allows you to send emails to your clients when they book and as the appointment approaches, a reminder email. You will also give the capability to your clients to receive a reminder text for the appointment, as the appointment approaches. Sync your Google calender to help keep you up-to-date with your schedule.  The best feature of them all is the price-free– yes you read that right- it is a free service! With Book{m}Online and Our Merchant Solutions you now have the ability to streamline your business and reduce your business overhead at the same time. As Photographers we all know all the steps we have take to provide our clients with the best service.

These service combined will allow you to spend more time on your business focusing on getting new business or allow you more time with your families.  Through Our Merchant Solutions, you can get set up to accept credit cards through your book{m} online account.  We also can you help you through the process of setting up your Book{m}Online service once you have established your merchant account with us. With Our Merchant Solutions you will also be able to accept payments via your mobile phone, through your website, or in your office.

We are also photographers so we understand the business and can help you with both your website and credit card processing.

Customize for your business needs

Book{m}Online is completely Customizable. You can create multiple schedules based upon your studio availability, and view upcoming appointments by month or day. You can also define the types of appointments and services that your studios provides and offer them to your clients via a very simple and clean web interface.
Clients book online

Book{m}Online enables your clients an easy, secure online option for setting up appointments. They will be able to pick from your availability and service options you have predefined. Once a session is booked, Book{m}Online sends email reminders and text messages to your clients so you don’t have to.

Accept Payments Online

Book{m}Online allows you to accept payment online during the booking process for session fees.Because you have collected the session fees prior to the appointment, no shows are no longer a worry.

Sync Book{m}Online

Your studio schedule can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere. Simply sync you Book{m} Online schedule to Google Calendar. You also have the ability to sync data to smart phone via Google settings.

Pull your daily appointments

Book{m}Online keeps you organized and on track by allowing you to export your appointments into a spreadsheet, including important info like appointment times, client names, and phone numbers.

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