Benefits For Law Firm to Accept Credit Cards

Benefits of our System

Many lawyers have never accepted credit cards and are concerned that there is some type of ethical or problem with accepting credit cards while others have questions about how the process works. However, for most law offices there seems to be no good reason why they should not accept credit cards. It is important for any sucessfull company to accept cards theses days due to average consumer perfers to pay in this manner.

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Does your Law Office accept credit cards?

The best way for a law firm to accept credit cards is to have two separate banks accounts linked to the merchant account. One of these would be for the General account and the other would be for the trust account. Our system would allow your office to separate these transactions to insure you are meeting your requirements.

Reporting and Transaction Searches

Our software gives you extensive reporting abilities and Quick Search abilities to locate transactions. Imagine having to look for a book keeping error and having to search through all the paper receipts or locating old boxes full of receipts. You no longer need to … Just enter transaction details like clients name or details pertaining to that transaction and within seconds you are done.

Online Payments

Some Law Firms have started to take advantage of online payments. This would allow your clients to make a payment or deposit online using there credit/debit card online. This takes a matter of minutes to set up and allows you to accept payment 24/7 on your website.

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