Benefits For Auto Dealership Processing Payments

Benefits of our System

Processing credit cards has changed over the years and now there are so many options to process payments from a ipad/tablet to a virtual terminal. We can in most cases reduce your cost of processing and provide a product that will streamline your business. We are currently offering dealerships an all in one solution to process in the office or on the go. No more need for multiple payment terminals sitting around the dealership. All you need is a computer and internet to process from any computer within the dealership. Simply secure credit card processing and lots features. Take a few minutes and watch the short demostration below.

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Multiple stations

The best way for a Dealership to accept credit cards is to have multiple stations and users. For example you can setup by department or user and creating reporting to see live totals. You also have access to limit your users to just basic processing abilities so your always in control of what a user can see.  Auto dealership processing payments is becoming easier with this system, using the ability to track each sales purchased through a credit card.


The controller or finance manger can pull real time totals by Department, Users or locations. No longer will you need to have some one at each location or department gather those receipts. The reporting capabilities within our product make this task so much easier and time efficient. Also if your totals do not match your reports it much simpler to track down totals with out having to pull paper receipts.

Online Payments

Some dealerships have started to take advantage of online payments. This would allow your clients to make a payment or deposit online using there credit/debit card online. This takes a matter of minutes to set up and allows you to accept payment 24/7 on your website.

Are you paying to much for your credit card processing?

The answer is usually YES. In most cases we will reduce your cost of processing and provide a much better product that will streamline your business. There is no software to install or software upgrades to pay for. Its Simply where lower cost and increased sales.

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