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Paperless Payments – Capture Electronic Signatures


Eliminate the need to store paper receipts by capturing electronic signatures. Save money and reduce fraud. This new device and service allows you to capture the signature and automatically attach them to the transaction.This service also is a green technology that reduces a business cost and helps the environment. Never need to go through boxes of stored receipts again.


Email or Print Receipts – Keep it green by emailing receipts to your customers. You can print if you need to but more and more customers enjoy receiving receipts by email so they don’t have to worry about storing them. It is a win for both you and your customers.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint – Demonstrate your commitment to your local community by acting responsibly and minimizing environmental pollution.

Virtual Terminal – Manage your transactions

Print and Email Receipts

Sometimes business need to print the receipt or the customer request this at a later date. You can print and email receipts for your customers. One added benefit is that you are also able to print transaction history or download into a pdf for the client also.

Customize the Receipt

You can customize the printed receipt or email based on your business needs. Some business like to add additional details on there receipts or limit the information that is included also. All you need to do is modify the template and you are ready to go in minutes.

Manage your transactions with a click of a button

Once you process the transaction you have several options in the virtual terminal to manage the transactions. Simply pull up the transaction and select the option or action you would like to take. For example if you want to refund the total back to your client you would just need to click on refund button. One extra benefit is that you can attach a note to the transaction also so you have reference to why the modification was made. Here are some of the choices

Edit, Refund or Recharge

Edit transactions to keep contact and purchase information up-to-date.
Refund transactions with a simple click of a button.

Recharge any account in your history with a single click.

Void, Hold or Recur

Void Transactions so that funds are not captured.
Hold authorizations until you are ready to capture the funds.
Setup recurring accounts to automatically bill customers.

Block Cards

Hold authorizations until you are ready to capture the funds.

Virtual Terminal – Contact Manager

Contact & Account Manager

Manage your contacts and the accounts that they have paid you with. Generate purchase history with a click of the mouse. The contact manager is a secure way of storing your customers information and credit card details online. You can add basic contact information plus Company Name, Business Title, Email, Website and customer Id. You also have the ability to add more than one payment method or address.

We will automatically create a contact for you every time you process a card for a new customers.

Storing contact and payment details

Why is this feature so important ? You never want to store credit card numbers at your office on your computers due to the liability it creates for your business. Instead add your customers and card numbers into our secure contact manager. Once you have added your current customers information to our secure contact manager you will eliminate the liability of storing the card data at your business.

Create Groups

Your contacts also can be set into groups. Some business like to create groups to manage different part of there business to streamline the process. Simply just create the group and place your customers into the correct group category. Now all you will need to do select the group and you will see all the customers that are in this group. Think of this as a way to organize your clients into separate categories.

Export your list

You also can export your contact list in excel or a csv format. Use this information for email marketing or mail campaigns as example. This can be dont at any point but the information is available to use if you need it.

Virtual Terminal – Searching and Reporting

Enhanced searching and reporting tools

Our Virtual Terminal gives you the ability to search transactions to locate information whenever you may need it and also provides detailed results. For example if you need to look up a transaction by credit or customer name it will return all matchings actions related to this information. We also provide advanced reporting tools to allow you or CFO to see up to date information that truly is updated in real time. Take a look at basic overview of these feature – If you have a more detailed question on how this would work in your business feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Searching – Simplified searching tools that deliver results

Search the entire transaction history of your account and get results immediately. Have you ever lost a recent or customer receipt ? Most companies at one time or another has misplaced transaction information and had to spend hours if not days trying to locate this information. Now you can access this information via our virtual terminal within seconds. All you would need to do is log into your account enter details about your customer or transaction and the results will be retrieved. You can also tailor your search fields for your business like Invoice number, dates, amount or card number.

Reporting – Analytics and Graphs

Our online reporting tools allows you to access your overall picture overtime or predefined options like day, week, month and year. You can view your batch totals online or export the details to excel document for offline records. Access charts/graphs to analyze your transactions. You will also have access to export the transactions to a pdf, excel and csv.

These tools allow you to track your progress online and multiple locations business can track by location or department giving you up to date information in real time.

Virtual Terminal – Basic Overview

What is a Virtual Terminal? Processing credit card transactions through any computer with an Internet connection. You can key cards manually, or swipe cards via a USB card swiper. What is the benefit of a virtual terminal vs those out of date terminals? The obvious benefit would be the options. The current offline terminals you may have offer the ability to process transaction and that’s about it. Sometimes they are still connected to dial-up and you are responsible for the long distant charges. That’s correct DIAL UP. Now Our Virtual terminal allows you to use as many computers as you need so there is no need for multiple offline terminals no need for repair or device upgrade costs. If you have a computer or mobile device – you are able to process credit cards quickly.

Now let’s talk features…

Process credit card transactions through any computer with an Internet connectionProcess credit card transactions through any computer with an Internet connection. Key cards manually, or swipe cards via a USB card swiper. The Great benefit here is you can use this on as many computers or devices that has an internet connection to process payments or run reports. There is no need for outdated terminals or additional hardware costs. Just a computer and USB Card Swiper.

Manage your transactionsManage your transactions. Edit transactions to keep contact and purchase info up to date, Refund transaction with just one click, Recharge any account in your history with a single click, Void the transactions to prevent them from being captured during batching process, Hold authorizations until you are sure the sale is final, Recurring transaction can also be set up with ease so you can manage and update this info and Block Cards for future transaction.

Print and email receipts
Virtual Terminal allows you to print and email receipts for your customers. You can customize the receipt to identify your company branding.

Searching & ReportingSearching & Reporting
Search the entire transaction history or your account. You can also generate reports online instead of storing paper receipts. GO GREEN…… You can get batch totals, view analytics/Graphs and use the exporting to have offline reports or use software like QuickBooks. You can also break down totals by user or department to track multiple locations. The possibilities are endless..





Customizable Search

Customizable Search

Custom tailor your search fields for your business needs. Example Invoice, P.O., Dates, Amount, Card number and much more. This creates the ability to focus tracking more on what is need within your business model.

Contact & Account Manager


Contact & Account Manager
Manage your contacts and the accounts that they have paid you with. Generate customer purchase history with just one simple click.



Now that’s a lot of options. If this is something you need for your business or just like to have the options for future cost savings. Just click on the link below for a quote and we can give you a ~ FREE Rate Analysis ~ and access to our live online demo. We can also come to your office to walk you through the process also. Sometimes it’s just easier to do yourself. Let’s get started

Virtual Terminal – Recurring Billing

Automated Recurring Blling

Recurring Billing is a easy to use and convenient feature for submitting and managing your recurring, subscription based and scheduled billing transactions. Create your recurring billing schedule through the virtual terminal in matter of minutes and stop wasting your time having to manual key this transaction every month.

Features and Benefits

Your business can take advantage of recurring billing features to enhance client loyalty, while reducing transaction declines and administrative costs. You will no longer need to have a office administrator process these transactions manually saving you time and money. Simply create a recurring payment schedule in the Virtual Terminal that includes the customer’s payment information, amount of transaction and the payment schedule.

Customer Loyalty

Recurring Billing allows you to provide your customers with a flexible, no hassle billing option using a credit card or debit card. Most customers are more willing to purchase or subscribe if they are given an option to schedule a payment arrangement over a set period of time.

Reduce Administrative Costs

This powerful feature will eliminate many costs associated with manual billing, with no additional transaction fees or monthly fees.Recurring billing feature will also help you manage all your payment schedules with email notifications and reporting tools that shows current and future payments cash flows.

Improves your Billing Efficiency

Once a payment schedule has been created, no additional labor is required for the life of the payment schedule. You also have the ability to offer a trial or first month free option if you are running a special for example.

Improves Security

The recurring billing feature removes the need to store sensitive data on a computer system, reducing the risk of your customers information. There information is securely stored for you at no additional cost.

Benefits For Auto Dealership Processing Payments

Benefits of our System

Processing credit cards has changed over the years and now there are so many options to process payments from a ipad/tablet to a virtual terminal. We can in most cases reduce your cost of processing and provide a product that will streamline your business. We are currently offering dealerships an all in one solution to process in the office or on the go. No more need for multiple payment terminals sitting around the dealership. All you need is a computer and internet to process from any computer within the dealership. Simply secure credit card processing and lots features. Take a few minutes and watch the short demostration below.

** To get started complete the Online Application or Contact us at (303)835-7943

Multiple stations

The best way for a Dealership to accept credit cards is to have multiple stations and users. For example you can setup by department or user and creating reporting to see live totals. You also have access to limit your users to just basic processing abilities so your always in control of what a user can see.  Auto dealership processing payments is becoming easier with this system, using the ability to track each sales purchased through a credit card.


The controller or finance manger can pull real time totals by Department, Users or locations. No longer will you need to have some one at each location or department gather those receipts. The reporting capabilities within our product make this task so much easier and time efficient. Also if your totals do not match your reports it much simpler to track down totals with out having to pull paper receipts.

Online Payments

Some dealerships have started to take advantage of online payments. This would allow your clients to make a payment or deposit online using there credit/debit card online. This takes a matter of minutes to set up and allows you to accept payment 24/7 on your website.

Are you paying to much for your credit card processing?

The answer is usually YES. In most cases we will reduce your cost of processing and provide a much better product that will streamline your business. There is no software to install or software upgrades to pay for. Its Simply where lower cost and increased sales.

Benefits For Law Firm to Accept Credit Cards

Benefits of our System

Many lawyers have never accepted credit cards and are concerned that there is some type of ethical or problem with accepting credit cards while others have questions about how the process works. However, for most law offices there seems to be no good reason why they should not accept credit cards. It is important for any sucessfull company to accept cards theses days due to average consumer perfers to pay in this manner.

** To get started complete the Online Application or Contact us at (303)835-7943

Does your Law Office accept credit cards?

The best way for a law firm to accept credit cards is to have two separate banks accounts linked to the merchant account. One of these would be for the General account and the other would be for the trust account. Our system would allow your office to separate these transactions to insure you are meeting your requirements.

Reporting and Transaction Searches

Our software gives you extensive reporting abilities and Quick Search abilities to locate transactions. Imagine having to look for a book keeping error and having to search through all the paper receipts or locating old boxes full of receipts. You no longer need to … Just enter transaction details like clients name or details pertaining to that transaction and within seconds you are done.

Online Payments

Some Law Firms have started to take advantage of online payments. This would allow your clients to make a payment or deposit online using there credit/debit card online. This takes a matter of minutes to set up and allows you to accept payment 24/7 on your website.

Book{m}Online – Online booking resource for Photographers

Its time to BOOK all your photography sessions online and get paid for your session fees at booking.

There is so much that book{m} online services can do for photographers. Send email confirmations, texts, and updates to your Google calendar. The book{m} system allows you to send emails to your clients when they book and as the appointment approaches, a reminder email. You will also give the capability to your clients to receive a reminder text for the appointment, as the appointment approaches. Sync your Google calender to help keep you up-to-date with your schedule.  The best feature of them all is the price-free- yes you read that right- it is a free service! With Book{m}Online and Our Merchant Solutions you now have the ability to streamline your business and reduce your business overhead at the same time. As Photographers we all know all the steps we have take to provide our clients with the best service.

These service combined will allow you to spend more time on your business focusing on getting new business or allow you more time with your families.  Through Our Merchant Solutions, you can get set up to accept credit cards through your book{m} online account.  We also can you help you through the process of setting up your Book{m}Online service once you have established your merchant account with us. With Our Merchant Solutions you will also be able to accept payments via your mobile phone, through your website, or in your office.

We are also photographers so we understand the business and can help you with both your website and credit card processing.

Customize for your business needs

Book{m}Online is completely Customizable. You can create multiple schedules based upon your studio availability, and view upcoming appointments by month or day. You can also define the types of appointments and services that your studios provides and offer them to your clients via a very simple and clean web interface.
Clients book online

Book{m}Online enables your clients an easy, secure online option for setting up appointments. They will be able to pick from your availability and service options you have predefined. Once a session is booked, Book{m}Online sends email reminders and text messages to your clients so you don’t have to.

Accept Payments Online

Book{m}Online allows you to accept payment online during the booking process for session fees.Because you have collected the session fees prior to the appointment, no shows are no longer a worry.

Sync Book{m}Online

Your studio schedule can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere. Simply sync you Book{m} Online schedule to Google Calendar. You also have the ability to sync data to smart phone via Google settings.

Pull your daily appointments

Book{m}Online keeps you organized and on track by allowing you to export your appointments into a spreadsheet, including important info like appointment times, client names, and phone numbers.

Paypal Comparison

Merchant Solutions by sbsake business will provide you with a personalized account tailored to your business needs. We provide you with knowledgeable customer service and technical support. We are dedicated to providing you with the best customer service experience. We will price compare with your current provider to make sure we can give you the best rates possible. We offer secure processing on the go, from any computer or phone, and from your office. Your customer will not need to have an account with us to process their credit card. Get Started Today

Features : Trinity System powered by Payjunction Vs Paypal

The Trinity system is a three in one gateway system that was developed by Payjunction. Lets break this down for you – Trinity system provides data in a real time enviroment for eCommerce, API intergrations, Virtual Terminal and Mobile processing. The eCommerce or API intergration is managed through Payjunction Quicklink feature. This simply provides a link between the application and the payment gateway. The Virtual Terminal would support both swipe, Recurring and keyed transaction. The virtual terminal also comes with some advanced features like quick search, customizable form or payment fields, reporting and much more. Mobile processing is completed through an mobile app or you can call in the payment via our phone charge option. The most used feature would be throught the mobile apps. You can elect to key in or swipe these transactions. One great thing about this once the transaction is run it will show up within your virtual terminal as a transacation and contact.

They are really a lot of features that the trinity system can bring to your business.

Now lets discuss PayPal. They designed a unique business model and was designed to send funds from one user to another user. They have adapted over the years to offer additional services similar to payment gateway. The main concern I would point out here is that they are not a BANK. Why does this matter? Banks are required to follow certain process and Paypal is not required to do this so they can freeze your account or many other options. Paypal does seem to attract customers or business that are just getting off the ground or have limited resources. Paypal does make it easy to create recurring payments or pay now buttons. Some merchant providers to this day still do not offer any tools to make this easier for the business. Payjunction has tools in place to create buttons or other resources.

Pricing – The true Costs of Service

As with many services, it is important to uderstand the cost of services. At sbsake business we make the pricing transparent or simple. With a all in one system we bundle Merchant Account, Payment Gateway, 24/7 Online or Telephone Support and updates to our system. NO Software to install – Simple Secure Credit Card Processing.

With paypal there is a number of costly packages and confusing pricing. To make this simple I would suggest you take a look at what they have to offer. But in general they charge 2.9% or more. Rates are based upon volume and could decrease if volume is high enough. But you still would be looking at higher cost and fewer options.

Customer Support – This is a big one

sbsake business and Payjunction include their support directly within the trinity system. The 24/7 phone support as well as a online support ticket system. You also have access to large knowledge base. Payjunction has a in house support team that are available to help you with any questions you may have.

PayPal offers email support to its customers as as automated support line for basic inquries. If you have advance question or require some tech support you will be required to pay for this.
In conclusion

I would suggest every one to do their own homework. Take a look at what features you need and the cost that come with it. Payjunction and sbsake business in most cases will offer a far superior product and better rates. I also would advise serious business to be careful who they choose. You want to be position with a company that continually offers feature enhancements and better support.

The Trinity System

  • Lower Costs – Competitive Pricing
  • Accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express (Amex), and Discover
  • Customer Support (Online and by Phone)
  • Virtual Terminal, Payment Gateway and Merchant Account
  • Mobile Processing
  • Direct Deposit straight into your account within 2 business days


  • Not a Bank (not FDIC insured)
  • Prices based on amount charged
  • Limited phone support (must use knowledge base)
  • No Mobile Processing
  • Mobile Processing
  • You must request funds to be transferred to get paid