At Your Office – Virtual Terminal

At Your office

The Virtual Terminal – Simple, Secure Credit Card Processing

Your business can accept credit card payments, at your office, anytime, anywhere with ease. The virtual terminal has a lot of features and options designed to make your life easier. Take a moment to look over some of the most used features and if you want video demonstration of the product just complete the signup below to receive info via email to be viewed at your leisure. Of course we are always here to help if you would rather speak with us directly.

Process Credit Cards

Virtual Terminal - Swipe and Key transactions through any computerProcess credit cards from your office through your virtual terminal.  You can process transactions through any computer that has an internet connection with this system.  You simply key the credit card in manually or swipe the card through a USB swiper.  You can use as many computers as you need to on this Trinity system.

Virtual Terminal - Swipe and Key transactions through any computer

Recurring Payments

Save time by having your recurring payments automatically processed for you and tracked by the virtual terminal. The best part the process to set up only takes a few moments to startup or edit.

The Form completed online

Conveniently complete each transaction with the form below on your portal.  You are able to collect the important information plus set up payments to recur  on a specific date each month, quarter, or year.

Manage recurring payments and see a financial forecast.

Manage Each Transaction

In your system, you can manage each transaction with a simple click of a button.  You will be able to edit, recharge, refund, hold, void, setup recurring transactions, block a card, and print and email receipts.  You are able to search and report through your Trinity System online.  You can search through the entire transaction history.  You will be able to generate reports online instead of storing those paper receipts.  You can view batch totals, export transactions to your computer, or view analytics and graphs.



Virtual Terminal - Swipe and Key transactions through any computer

Edit Transactions to keep contact and purchase info up-to-date

Refund transactions with a simple click of a button

Recharge any account in your history with a single click

Void transactions so that funds are not captured

Hold authorizations until you are ready to capture the funds

Setup recurring accounts to automatically bill customers

Block cards from any future transactions

Customer Management

Customer management made easy. With this system, you can manage all your contacts and the accounts that they have paid with you.  You are able to generate the customer’s purchase history with just a click of the mouse. Includes everything you need to manage your customers and their purchases.
Virtual Terminal - Swipe and Key transactions through any computer 


You can generates reports to show Yearly, fiscal, monthly, weekly, daily for your busines or by locations. This will give you the ability to see how a department or location is doing in real time. You will know all the stats for sales in each area or individually.  Keep up with all your reports in one convenient location.


Our online support really is amazing. You can contact us by phone or simply send us a message via the support tab. When you use the online support you will be able to see previous request and our extensive knowledge base.  With this tool, if you asked a question before, you are able to access it again to review the answer.

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